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The Art

The Friendly Shapes are characters in the form of NFT collectable cards and art works that currently live on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains! They feature many animated “friendly” characters that are all part of the Friendly Shapes Universe. Created by me, the artist Mr Vector Man!

The Artist

Now a bit about myself. I have been an artist my whole life and a programmer for over 10 years, working within the game industry. I am also an avid card collector and started my NFT journey by trying to bring this experience to the space with my Friendly Shapes cards.

The Project

My characters and art go beyond just the cards. They are part of the overall Friendly Shapes Universe that connects all of my art. With comics, games, apps and spin off series such as the CU-BOYZ!  My ultimate goal is to create a crypto card game and eventually bring my Friendly Shapes Universe to the Metaverse!

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