Friendly Shapes Systems - Beta

Thank you for being a beta tester for the Friendly Shapes Systems app! The purpose of this app is to provide useful web 3 tools to the NFT community and reward art holders.


The current tool available during this beta is the ERC-1155 contract deployer. This aims to be a super easy and quick way for artists to deploy their fully ownable NFT contracts on the Polygon chain! This keeps up with standards set by apps like manifold with royalties set on the contract and using proxy deployment for very cheap gas fees.

Once you have created a collection and minted an NFT you will be able to give feedback via the form and claim your free exclusive NFT for being a beta tester!

Setting up Rinkeby and test Eth

For this beta the app will be running on the Rinkeby test network so all transactions will be free for testing. If you have Rinkeby set up on your MetaMask wallet with test Eth in already then you can skip this part and launch the app! If you need help setting up Rinkeby and getting test Eth I have written a guide here on how to do this.