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CU-BOYZ is a collection of 600 handmade 1/1 toon cubes from the Friendly Shapes universe! Each of the CU-BOYZ are handmade with love and care by Mr Vector Man! They are considered friendly shapes but some of them can be very... lets just say mischievous.


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Use this rarity table and the trait guides below to work out how rare your CU-BOYZ are! The percentages of each rarity category are out of the total 1000 CU-BOYZ

Rarity Table


Trait Guides


CU-BOYZ rarity is based on a points system. Each trait has a certain amount of points tied to it depending on the rarity of that trait. The rarity of the CU-BOYZ depends on the total score of the traits they have and what points category they fall into on the rarity table below!